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Solar at prices that can’t be beat. Our team at Purus Energy connects you directly with top solar installers, giving you access to wholesale prices and exclusive deals.

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Get an Instant Quote

No more waiting for a call or email with your quote. Use our Purus Pricing Calculator tool and get your quote in a snap.

Choose from Fully Vetted Installers

Our longstanding history with top solar providers is our secret to connecting you with the best deals. Not only do you get top tier solar with us, but you’ll also get it at the lowest prices.

No Salespeople Involved

Our mission is to make the solar installation process as painless as possible. We give you full control and customization of your order, allowing you to process your order on your own.

The Best Panels for the Best Prices

We provide the most powerful, efficient, and sleek-looking panels in the industry at an affordable cost. Build a system with the best panels for free today.

How We Do It

We make going solar easy as 1-2-3. When you choose Purus Energy you get a team of solar experts to provide you the best system for your home.

Build Your System & Get a Quote

Use our pricing calculator tool and build a design that fits your home’s needs. Our calculator will then provide you with a quote.

Approve Your Design

Our designers will then send you a more finalized 3D design of your system. Once you approve of the design and the cost, all there is left to do is finalize your documents.

Sit Back and Relax

That’s it! Your Energy Expert will then take care of all the required inspections, permits and paperwork to get your new system installed.

"Our experience with Purus Energy was pleasant and stress-free!

Our decision to go solar was really a no brainer when considering Purus’ pro-customer sales approach as well as their unrivaled pricing.”

-Vickie B.

"Our account manager walked us through every step of the installation process..

..and did all the work for us. It was a great experience. High-quality product at a price I could actually afford.”

-Florence D.

"I have had zero problems with the panels so far..

..which is amazing for how affordable these panels are! Such a high-quality product for reasonable prices.”

-Jerry S

About Purus Energy

Headquartered in Pleasanton, California and providing services across the San Francisco Bay Area, Purus Energy is committed to providing the best services and the most relevant information in order to make the solar panel installation process painless and hassle-free for our customers.

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