10 Reasons to Switch to Solar Energy

June 17, 2019

California is a leader in the United State’s solar energy supply.  The year-round sunny days and breezy hills make it a perfect place for bioenergy. California has began its transition to solar, but are you still wondering if solar energy is right for you? Here are ten reasons to make the switch!

10 Reasons to Switch to Solar Energy

  1. It’s good for the environment

As you may know, solar energy is created using renewable resources.  Conventional power sources use finite amounts of resources that are extracted and processed in ways that are harmful to the environment.  Solar energy uses clean and natural energy which comes from an infinite resource: the sun. 

In the United States, fossil fuels are the main resource used to generate conventional energy.  The process of creating energy from fossil fuels releases harmful emissions into our air. 

Some emissions include:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) – greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2) – causes acid rain
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) – irritates and damages lungs
  • Particulate matter (PM) – what you see when you see haze in polluted areas; can also contribute to asthma and chronic bronchitis
  • Mercury & other heavy metals – hazardous to human and animal health

2. Solar has a fixed energy cost

Since homeowners with a solar system no longer have to pay utility providers for electricity, they will not have to deal with fluctuating electricity prices.  Depending on how you decide to pay for your system, having your own solar system means you will have a set monthly payment that replaces your electricity bill.

3. Increase property value

Solar panels reduce your energy bill, but they increase your property value.  Multiple studies have found that homes with solar energy systems have higher property values and sell faster than non-solar equipped homes.  With solar power on the rise, especially in California, solar panels will make your home more attractive to future home buyers. 

California houses

4. Get a great return on your investment

Solar panels are one of the best ways to invest in your home.  Solar returns rival investments such as stocks and bonds.  Since average American solar-home owners are saving with solar electricity bills, they are able to pay off their solar panel system in seven to eight years.  These homeowners also see a return on investment from twenty percent or more!

5. Tax incentives

The benefits of switching to solar energy have pushed the federal government to offer tax incentives to encourage more consumers to go solar. Homeowners with a solar system installed can be eligible for a thirty percent tax credit.

6. Solar can help you afford other needs and wants

Having a home solar energy system allows homeowners to make other home improvements with solar energy in mind. Typical pool owners pay $500 more in energy bills, however, a homeowner with a solar-home can use their solar system to cover the extra energy usage.

Plus, all the money you will be saving on electricity bills will add up and give solar-homeowners an opportunity to afford other home improvements or other desires.

7. Solar energy is generated all day

Many people believe that solar power is generated using sunlight. To an extent this is true, however solar power is generated using daylight. No matter how dark and gloomy the day may seem, as long as you can see without using any artificial light, your home is absorbing solar energy. Whenever the sun is up, your solar panels are working hard to power your home.

During the day, solar panels are actually producing more electricity than you can use. Solar systems are connected to a grid owned by solar energy providers. On days where you are out and not using energy, or when your solar system produces excess energy, the excess gets pushed back onto the grid. When energy is pushed back onto the grid, your utility meter spins backwards and credits your account. After the sun goes down in the evening, your home will be running on the credited energy, similar to rollover minutes you may have with your phone company.

8. Be a leader in sustainability

It is our social responsibility to be sustainable. In business, social responsibility is an important part of the organization’s culture and values. Knowing that a business uses green energy can help employee morale and contribution to the company. Businesses are also praised and recognized for going green and operating responsibly. Having the credential of a “green company” can also influence consumers to associate and generate business with said company, improving business results.

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Be a leader in sustainability

9. Help America become independent

If solar energy were to become the United State’s main source of energy, the country would become less dependent on foreign oil. Making the switch will also save the U.S. from being affected by fluctuating prices from global energy markets.

It does not take much to make the entire country switch to solar energy. A recent study found that 25,000 square miles of solar panels (roughly the size of West Virginia) can produce enough energy to power the entire world! The area of the earth is approximately 196.9 million square miles, imagine the amount of land needed just to power the United States, which is only 3.8 million square miles. It’s that easy.

10. Solar energy is the future

People and companies are becoming more aware of the social and economic benefits of solar power. Early adopters have already gotten ahead of the competition with solar, so many companies are deciding to make the switch in order to stay competitive. People are already making the switch and reaping the benefits of solar energy. Save money, save the environment, and most importantly save the future of our children’s children. It only takes one person to make a huge difference.

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10 Reasons to Switch to Solar Energy

California is a leader in the United State’s solar energy supply.  The year-round sunny days and breezy hills make it a perfect place for bioenergy. California has began its transition to solar, but are you still wondering if solar energy is right for you? Here...

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