We’re Simplifying the Solar Journey

 If you search “Going Solar” online, you’ll find that most solar websites will ask you to get a quote by filling out a form. When you do, you’ll be bombarded with sales calls. At Purus Energy, we do solar differently. We believe in equipping our customers with all the information you need, compare different panel options, and maximize your savings.

Why Get a Solar Price Report First?

Protect Yourself

Build a system based on your needs, not a salesperson’s profit

Maximize Savings

Avoid the cost of unnecessary fees and adders

Get the Best Deal

Know the price you should pay when getting quotes

Step 1: Get a Free Solar Price Report

After you provide us with all the necessary information through an online form, an Energy Expert will create a basic solar panel system for your house. You will know exactly how big your panel needs to be, how it will be positioned on your roof, and how much it will cost to build the system.

Step 2: Compare Your Quotes

After receiving the Solar Price Report, you should request quotes from different solar companies and compare their pricing. Since you already know the wholesale price, retail price, and the average of what people are paying, you will be able to decide your “fair price”. Our Energy Expert will also explain possible financing options as well as incentives you can get to maximize your savings and return on your solar investment.

Step 3: Sit Back & Relax

Purus Energy will take care of all the required contracts, inspections, permits, and paperwork. After putting the solar panels up, the crew will work with your local utility company and city to make sure everything is installed in accordance with the local guidelines. When your solar system is connected to the grid, it’s time to enjoy the savings and all the perks that solar power comes with.