We’ve all heard that solar energy and renewable energy have major benefits for our pockets.  But what about the environment and our health?  How does solar help the earth that we live on and our livelihood?

Solar Panel Energy

For starters, solar energy have reduced the need for fossil fuels.  Extracting and using fossil fuels can get expensive and harms the environment in the extracting process.  Solar energy is free and as long as we have the sun, the amount of solar energy is essentially infinite!  Using solar power instead of fossil fuels also reduces the amount of greenhouse gases.  When fossil fuels are burned, greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere which causes a rise in global temperatures and climate change.  Choosing to go solar reduces the need for fossil fuels, which leads to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, which will protect the planet from rising temperatures. 

Solar energy also helps those with respiratory and cardio health issues.  Solar energy produces significantly less air pollutants compared to other forms of ways to produce energy.  Switching to solar reduces air pollutants such as nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter emissions.  A study done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory discovered that solar leads to fewer cases of chronic bronchitis, respiratory, and cardiovascular problems.

Not only does solar save you money, but it can save your life!  Consider switching to solar for the sake of our planet and our health.

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