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How to Be a Better Salesperson

Jan 18, 2021 | Sales Industry

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We all have our own way, or style per se, of being a great salesperson. But, what exactly does it mean to be ‘great’? Do we really stick to our personal tactics and use them in the way we know we need to? Or are we flat on the pitch on most days but have a hard time accepting that truth?

Either way, it’s always good to sharpen ourselves on these few habits that will help us be a better salesperson in the long run. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge one might hold; these refinements are necessary at any given time whenever we feel like we are lacking in some areas. Let’s go ahead and review them below.

Authenticity: Being your true self

Remember, everyone has a BS detector. If you are being fake, the client can see right through it. When approaching a client, it is less about the means to the end (closing the sale), and more about making a genuine connection. In other words, KEEP IT REAL!

Connection: Genuinely engaging + building rapport

 be a better salesperson

So, how do you build a connection with a new client? Calculate less. Watch more. Find the opportune time to approach them. Oftentimes, the connection is made through common ground. An easy “in” with clients may be engaging about the product in an honest way. Talk about what you like and don’t like and help the client find what’s best for them. 

Empathy: Wearing the shoes of the client and understanding what they want/need

In sales, empathy is all about listening and understanding the client on a deeper level. This heightened awareness gives high-achieving salespeople an edge. An open and honest conversation with the client makes him/her feel more welcomed, heard, and understood. These conversations ultimately help you, the salesperson, to hone in on the product the client needs. 

Relentlessness/Persistence: Maneuvering through objections, staying optimistic

Sometimes a “no” from the client isn’t really a “no.” It might mean they aren’t sure what the options are or what exactly they are looking for you. If your first approach with a client is quickly shot down by the usual “just looking around,” give them some space, but stay persistent. Read the client and observe what they are gravitating towards. Clients don’t want to feel pressured to make a sale, but they may like the extra effort you make to connect them with the right product.

Confidence: Product knowledge, having great energy, charismatic 

What does the confident salesperson look and act like? They are high-energy conversationalists who aren’t afraid to go after what they want. The confident salesperson has developed an organic way to approach the client and strip them of their initial guards. If you are reading this and thinking “this isn’t me,” I have one piece of advice for you – fake it ‘til you make it. This aura I am describing will come with time and awareness. One easy way to kickstart this confidence is to familiarize yourself with all the products and services offered. After all, salespeople are the experts in the field for the client.

Observation: Prioritize your time on clients who are more likely to make a purchase

Don’t focus on the number of clients you want to add to your list; it’s not always about expanding or enlarging your pipeline. Focus on knowing who the right clients are that will lead you to a greater close in the end. 

Stay Mobile: Have your phone handy and keep moving

Now, I’m not suggesting you roam social media at any break, but I am suggesting you use these platforms to show clients examples of specific products in use. This can help the client better see what you are articulating and will help them visualize the product in a “real” scenario. Having your phone might also be useful if the client wants to exchange contacts to stay connected. Building loyal client relationships guarantees future sales down the road – and that is what we are after! 

These 7 habits are not meant to be an end all be all, but they are definitely practices you should apply to be a better salesperson. If you try some of these habits in real situations with clients and find that it actually worked for you, then BOOM! You are starting to realize your potential as a high-achieving salesperson. The important thing here is that you continue to sharpen your skills and meld your authentic self with your profession.

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